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DressYourDoll was started in 2009 by 3 enthusiastic women who combined their expertise - textile printing, pattern development and fashion - to develop a unique concept: DressYourDoll. Designing for children became possible! In 2016, Verachtert took over from them to take DressYourDoll to an even higher level.

Our goal? Enabling fashion design for children

Our values

First of all, designing for children is just fun. DressYourDoll wants to let young people, born in the digital age, rediscover the fun and possibilities of a piece of fabric, scissors, needle and thread.

Educational play!

The educational component is also important. Our products promote some skills in a playful and challenging way. Consider, for example, creativity, patience, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Do you want to make designing possible for your children? Discover our dolls and the collection in one of our points of sale.

It's all about fashion!


What is fashion?

Finding, creating, combining your own style. Cheerful, stylish, vintage, extravagant, cool or according to the mood of the day. You will find all styles in our self-made fashion collection for fashion dolls. By cutting, sewing and combining you get a playful insight into how a garment is made. DressYourDoll is by far the most innovative, creative and inspiring fashion concept for children from 7 years old!


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