To work!

Do you need help to sew your DressYourDoll outfit? Here you will find useful instructions for every outfit!

You need this:

- A set from the DressYourDoll collections
- Good fabric scissors
- A needle
- Pins
- Yarn
Get off to a flying start with our My Couture Atelier box . This starter box contains everything you need to sew the most beautiful doll clothes.

This is how you proceed:

- Cut out the patterns on the edge of the color
- Place the patches on top of each other with the color on the inside
- Attach them together with pins
- Sew together with small stitches on the dotted lines of the same color
- Tie a knot in your thread
- Turn inside out and you're done! You have made an outfit that fits the DressYourDoll mannequin or Barbie!
TIP! If you want to sew the DressYourDoll sets with the sewing machine, we recommend that you use a jersey or stretch needle. Or to put a sheet of paper under the fabric. This way you prevent the fabric from getting into the sewing machine. Also make sure that you do not stitch too far from the edge, because then the clothes can sometimes turn out small.
Do you like to design your own creations? Then take a look at our fabric sets and pattern sets !

Youtube Channel

Sometimes it is not enough to see instructions on a piece of paper. It is much easier to follow a tutorial.

That is why we have a YouTube channel where you can watch various videos. Here you can find tutorials for outfit sets, but also mood videos and tips & tricks.

This way you can find all the instructions you need in 1 mouse click. Do you still have doubts, questions or do you have a problem? Then you can always contact us! Would you like to see a specific video or show us your final result? Even then you can always send us a message. We are happy to help you.


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