With DressYourDoll you can teach children to sew, work with patterns and even create their own designs! But an aspiring designer can only get started if he has the right material. Here you will find all possible accessories for your own sewing studio.

DressYourDoll Mannequin doll

Before you can get started with a pattern for doll clothes, you obviously need a model, a mannequin. The DressYourDoll doll is ideal for presenting and styling your own creations. On this beautiful and naturally proportioned white mannequin doll you present your creations like in a real store! Our dolls are sold with a stand. The doll is 29 cm tall, the same size as Barbie. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful box that you can also use as a fitting room.

Fabric scissors

The DressYourdoll fabric scissors are ideal for children's hands. Just like with real fabric scissors, it is also best to cut your fabrics with the tip of the scissors. A must-have if you are going to cut a lot of fabrics!


If you want to get started with designing yourself, these patterns can certainly help you. All you have to do is push out the shapes and trace them on your fabric. This way you always have the right size for your doll. You can choose between 2 sets with different garments. A sweater or dress, or rather pants? They are all in the sets!