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Making designing possible for children: that's our goal!

DressYourDoll was launched in 2009 by 3 enthusiastic women. Lena De Swert and Els Van Houtven, mother and daughter, and Rosalinde Heerkens, used their combined professional backgrounds - textile printing, pattern making and fashion respectively - to develop a unique concept: DressYourDoll. Designing for children became possible!

Our values

Above all designing for children is great fun. Our aim is to allow children of the digital age to rediscover the fun and possibilities inherent in a piece of fabric, scissors, needle and thread.

We also believe in the educational component. We hope our products can promote some basic skills in a fun and challenging way. Think of creativity , patience, fine motor skills and left-right coordination.

We also believe that toys should be made responsibly and respectfully. Our fabrics are made of recycled PET bottles; almost all of our products (with the exception of the sewing basket and the fabric scissors) are made in Europe at fair prices, in small, family businesses. Our humble contribution to a fair economy, with respect for the planet.

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