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DressYourDoll has a new look!


New products and packagings for 2016!

We'd like to present you our new products and packagings:

This brand new box is a real starters kit for everyone who wants to start sewing dolls' clothes!
- the DressYourDoll mannequin doll with stand
- 3 Mix & Match sets (Level 1) A4 size, to sew a complete wardrobe
- Basic sewing supplies (fabric scissors, needle, yarn, pins, thimble, tape measure)
- A cardboard closet to collect and keep all your outfits safe
- Clear instructions

  • Making Couture

48 of our most favourite outfits are now transformed in a new packaging and have the new name Making Couture! Also our Fabric Sets get the new look and name Making Couture Fabric sets.

All these novelties will be available at the end of March, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page!


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