• Lucy Polka Dots
  • Betty Jungle
  • Tilly Jeans
  • Sally Tiger
  • Billy Mint

Get Started!

Step by step instructions

Do you need help sewing your DressYourDoll outfit? Here you can find practical step-by-step instructions for every outfit!

This is what you need:

Here's how you do it:

  • Cut out the patterns at the edge of the colour;
  • Lay the pieces of fabric on top of one another with the colour on the inside;
  • Use small stitches to sew the pieces together along the dotted lines of the same colour;
  • Turn inside out, and you're finished! You have created an outfit that fits for the DressYourDoll mannequin or Barbie!


  • Tip: If you want to sew the DressYourDoll sets with a sewing machine, we recommend you to use a jersey or stretch needle, or to put a piece of paper under the fabric, this way you avoid that the fabric creeps into the sewing machine.
  • Do you like making your own designs? Download your free design drawing here!