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Making Barbie clothes is child's play!

Making Barbie clothes is child's play with the DressYourDoll collection. Our collection contains a variety of silhouettes, so fashion lovers are sure to find one that suits their unique style. Simply cut out the preprinted printouts in pliable, stretchy and non-fraying fabric, and sew along the dotted lines (with the print on the inside). The result? A trendy outfit that fits any fashion doll!

The silhouettes come in 4 different levels of difficulty indicated using a scissors key. 1 scissors is 'super easy' and suitable for children 7 and older.
Already familiar with cutting and sewing? Then opt for 2 (‘easy’), 3 (‘slightly more difficult’) or even 4 scissors (‘difficult’)!

In addition to the pattern being printed on fabric, each package contains a paper pattern so that you can make the outfit again in a different fabric. Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to have a look at our colourful Fabric Sets and other accessories, and ofcourse the DressYourDoll Blog!

Need help making dolls clothes? You can find step by step instructions on the Get Started page!

Extremely easy


Slightly more difficult


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